Untitled (4 artificios) Ana Laura Lozza and Bárbara Hang


STUDIO 14 | April 19th at 19.00h | April 20th at 21.00h


Untitled (4 artificios)

Dictionaries, sculptures, world dances – many of such registers that archive knowledge rely on the idea that there is a straightforward, and possibly authentic, relationship between meaning and expression, between what is background and surface, between archaeology and semiotics, in a word: between what we think and feel and how that is shown to others. “Untitled (4 artificios)” interrogates such assumptions by exploring the possibilities that emerge from the manipulation of objets trouvé or found materials. What happens if we describe a sculpture, read a dance or use a dictionary entrance to enter in a game of replicas?

In this piece, a series of manipulations are built on self-generated instructions, on transformations of movement into text and again into movement: transmutations that allow for embodiment to engender objective reproductions. “Untitled (4 artificios)” analyses and challenges the limits of iterability by treating movements, derived from words, as things that can be passed on from one to the other and decouples the ideas of embodiment and subjectivity.

Nothing is lost in these transformations if we stick faithfully to the surface.

Concept and choreography Ana Laura Lozza and Bárbara Hang

Choreographic collaboration Emma Tricard, Renen Itzahki

Performance Emma Tricard, Renen Itzhaki and Bárbara Hang

Light Catalina Fernández

Sound Agustín Srabstein

Set Laura Gamberg

Mentor Maria Francesca Scaroni

Production Acá no hay Delivery Producciones

Thanks to Marian Burchardt, Juliana Piquero, Agustina Muñoz, Contanze Schellow, Jan Burkhardt, HZT Berlin and Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes.